Perforce Single Tenant Cloud

Secure Source Code Management in the Cloud.

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Helix Core infrastructure can be configured for high availability through the addition of a failover replica hosted in the same geographic region as your Assembla Perforce master server. This instance will mirror all of the data, workspace settings, and configurations of your master server. On Assembla Perforce Cloud, the addition of a high availability warm standby server allows Assembla to provide a commercially-backed 99.99% availability SLA.
Perforce Checkpoints can be performed by the Assembla DevOps team at any time upon request. This option gives the Assembla DevOps team the ability to automate p4 checkpoints of your depot on a regular schedule and store the backups in an S3 bucket maintained by Assembla on a rotating basis.
Replica or edge servers hosted by Assembla allow the Assembla DevOps team to drastically improve performance for geographically-distributed teams. Using industry-leading VPC peering on AWS, Assembla can set up and maintain multiple types of replicated Perforce servers for you in almost any AWS data center around the world. When teammates interact with your Assembla-hosted p4 infrastructure, their request will be automatically routed to the p4 server with the least latency in the network that can perform their desired p4 command.
Have teammates on more than two continents? Check this box to have the Assembla DevOps team to scope a solution with more than one replica/edge server.
In the case where you have multiple team members in the same office or would like to reduce latency to supercharge performance, Assembla Perforce Single Tenant Cloud gives you the option of connecting a local edge, forwarding replica, or proxy server maintained by your team. While the Assembla DevOps team will not be able to maintain this infrastructure for you, they can help provide instructions for setup and linkage to your Assembla Perforce Single Tenant Cloud depot.
Perforce Helix Swarm is a free, web-based code review tool built and maintained by Perforce Inc to supplement Helix Core depots. The tool is included with your Helix Core license and free to download, but to collaborate with multiple teammates using Swarm, you have to install and host the backend service somewhere. With Assembla’s Perforce Single Tenant Cloud, simply let Assembla know that you are interested in using Helix Swarm and the Assembla DevOps team can install Helix Swarm along with your Helix Core service during implementation for no additional charge.
Perforce Helix Core offers fine-grained access permissions that give you a significant amount of flexibility and control over who can read and write to various aspects of your Perforce depot. Assembla Perforce Single Tenant Cloud gives you full access to the Protections table on your Perforce depot. IMPORTANT NOTE: to provide service updates, monitoring and maintenance, the Assembla DevOps injects an Assembla Bot user in your Assembla Perforce instance during implementation. This bot user does not access any of your depot files and does not count towards your Assembla Perforce license account number. If removed from your Perforce depot, Assembla maintains the right to suspend service until restored.