What we do

Assembla is the most secure software development platform in the world.

Secure GitTM is the preferred Git solution for global security and compliance-focused dev teams.
NextGen SVN® is the world’s leading Subversion provider and checks all boxes for security, compliance and performance.
MyGet Universal Package Manager allows dev teams to continuously govern and audit all packages in the devops lifecycle. Secure devops starts with secure package management.
And finally, Assembla is the exclusive provider of Perforce Helix Core in the cloud—the gold standard for game development.

Assembla has made key investments and will continue to double down in mitigating security risks for our customers. Assembla is PCI compliant, Privacy Shield Certified, a member of the Cloud Security Alliance, and SOC 2 compliant.
Securing the world’s source code is our top priority. From compliance certifications to source code scanning to a security-first operational philosophy, Assembla is the security-forward choice for developing, managing, and shipping amazing software.

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Meet the Leadership Team



As the CEO of Assembla, Paul Lynch is responsible for driving the strategic direction of the company. Prior to Assembla, Lynch held multiple executive roles within cloud computing businesses where he drove massive revenue growth and international expansion. Paul has a Marketing degree from Dublin City University and is a fluent Spanish speaker.

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Jacek Materna is a technology evangelist and cyber security expert with more than 15 years experience. As CTO of Assembla, Jacek leads the strategic vision for the company’s technology practice. Jacek consults frequently with customers to better understand needs and concerns regarding the future of Source Code Management. Prior to Assembla, Jacek was the SVP of Engineering at Securelogix, where he led product development for the VoIP and SIP Security software business. Jacek holds a B.Sc. in Computer Science from the University of Toronto.

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VP of Product

As VP of Product, Laith Dahiyat is responsible for the development and successful execution of product strategy across the entire suite of Assembla solutions. His team includes product management, data analytics and online conversion experts. Working hand in hand with Engineering, Product’s ultimate goal is to deliver the right solutions to our customers. Prior to Assembla, Laith held product leadership roles at Accruent, uShip, AOL and Careerbuilder.

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VP of Customer Success

Ruben Dominguez is the VP of Customer Success where he is responsible for the end to end support of Assembla clients. Keeping his finger on the pulse of the customer base, Ruben ensures customers are getting the most use out of Assembla for their source code management needs. Ruben has more than 20 years of leadership experience, with more than half of that in tech.

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VP of Engineering

As VP of Engineering, Sergiy Golub leads technical product development for Assembla as well as strategic partnerships in the EU. As the leader of the engineering, user experience and quality assurance teams, he strives to improve the Assembla portfolio and bring world class products to customers for their source code management needs. Sergiy brings over 18 years of experience to the leadership team as well as a Master’s Degree in Computer Science.

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VP of Marketing

Mitch Holt, VP of Marketing, is a B2B SaaS marketing leader and startup advisor with more than a decade of experience driving growth for good companies while partnering with and empowering sales and channel organizations. His team at Assembla includes demand, brand and product marketing.

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Director of Sales

David Romoff leads sales at Assembla. In his role, he leads a team responsible for driving company growth and fostering mutually beneficial relationships with new and existing Assembla customers. David’s consultative, customer first approach is mirrored across the salesforce. His experience spans a wide array of tech companies including Rackspace, SolarWinds and Cogeco/ Peer1.

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Director of Marketing

Nick Honegger is Director of Marketing at Assembla, with responsibility for marketing programs and the overall Assembla brand. Prior to Assembla Nick served as the VP of Technology and Innovation for VentureLab, an education non-profit, where he helped architect the original product suite while evangelizing the VentureLab brand.

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Director of Communications

Rachel is responsible for setting and executing strategic communication initiatives at Assembla. Rachel amplifies Assembla’s value to the market, whether via product launch or sound security advice or best practices. Rachel brings more than 15 years of experience to the team with 10 years of that in the technology space.

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