Assembla GDPR Readiness

Assembla is committed to being GDPR-ready by May 25, 2018, so that our customers can use Assembla with GDPR compliance in mind. At Assembla, we meet the highest bars possible for data privacy, as well as support organizations using Assembla while meeting data privacy obligations across the globe.

Sign your DPA

Assembla makes it easy for our customers to formalize and share with their stakeholders that they use Assembla in a manner that meets GDPR data processing obligations. The Data Processing Addendum (DPA), pre-signed by Assembla, is a self-serve and easy-to-execute document that only requires an electronic signature from the customer.

After you execute the DPA, it will automatically be sent to the Assembla Legal team, and if accurately completed, the DPA will then become legally binding.

Sign your DPA here