For over a decade, Assembla has been the world’s #1 hosted Subversion provider.

Security and Performance

Collaborative coding wins — don't sacrifice security for it. Assembla is built on mission–critical tech and is monitored 24/7 by a world class DevOps team.

As developers ourselves – who use Assembla's Subversion (SVN) every day – we've worked tirelessly to make sure the system is super fast. Check out our uptime.

The Power of SVN

Gamers and media companies — do you have super large files? Are you unable to live with shared–hosting performance? SVN is the answer.

Track code commits, assign permissions, and track user activity. Maintain compliance and security for you project with Subversion hosting.

Code & Projects: Together

We understand the pain of switching between developing and project management.

Our project management software was built for developers on top of our first core product ten years ago: repos. Since then, we've concentrated on integrating awesome project management features for all members of the project team and stakeholders.

Code in the cloud or go private.

Hosted code works great — especially for distributed teams or teams with external collaborators. What if you have sensitive data that just can’t leave your network; or you're working with files too large to be moved efficiently in the Cloud?

Assembla works on your private infrastructure and comes with full project management to boot.

#1 Hosted Subversion Provider

For over a decade, Assembla has been the world’s #1 hosted Subversion provider.

SVN has an established position in the development world. If you have compliance, security, or traceability requirements, there are simply no other repo technologies that solve these issues.

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