Multi-repo Source Code Management

Assembla is the only multi-repository platform in the world offering NextGen SVNTM, Git and Perforce, all in the Cloud. Manage all of your repos from a central, secure control point with industry leading compliance and security.

Secure SDLC Starts with Secure Source Code Management

Enterprises spend billions to protect software yet breaches are at an all time high. Few teams realize that the majority of breaches can be prevented early in the software development life cycle - when developers commit code to repositories. Assembla secure source code management includes proactive vulnerability scans during code commits.

Developers are not security engineers - they build code.

And their code is typically 90% open source. Securing all that open source codes requires automation. Assembla SCM scans for secret key credentials and vulnerable component dependencies automatically, as developers commit code.


Enterprise Compliance

Assembla lets you move development to the cloud while maintaining your regulatory and compliance requirements. We are the only SCM provider certified to SOC II, Privacy Shield and PCI standards. SOC II is geared towards SaaS companies with a focus on security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality and privacy.

Our operational playbook includes a bottom-up evaluation of the risks to security, risk mitigation techniques, and ongoing areas of investment to further reduce risks. Assembla is committed to GDPR May 2018 and working towards HIPAA compliance later in the year.


Assembla Manages

2 Million Repositories and 1.2 Petabytes of Data for Over 3500 Companies


"Assembla stands out from the crowd in terms of accessibility. With Assembla, DT can easily manage several projects at once and onboard new team members seamlessly. Features like real time reporting and auditing are also very important in our continued use of Assembla for our projects."

Terry Schussler, Director, Immersive Technology at Deutsche Telekom

"With teams in Seattle, Montreal, and San Francisco, life for Unity before Assembla was a file transfer nightmare. Assembla brought us ease of deployment and delivered a high performance, fully managed Perforce solution."

Mike Wuetherick, Made with Unity

"As our enterprise SCM needs have evolved, our Assembla solution has grown to meet them. When we needed to tighten our security measures, Assembla worked with us to deliver a custom private cloud solution. Leveraging Assembla as a partner to manage that solution has saved us time and administrative headaches."

Cary Ussery, Senior Director Cavium Networks