• Your data is protected with triple-redundant replication. Each commit is replicated in real time from the live server, to a hot failover server, and then to an offsite disaster recovery location.
  • Assembla built a datacenter specifically to provide the fastest and most reliable Subversion services.
  • Assembla offers a number of security options ranging from access that is restricted to specific IP addresses, through public visibility.
  • Assembla has been hosting Subversion since 2006. Assembla currently hosts more than 200,000 repositories.
  • Historically, Assembla Subversion is available for about 2183 of 2184 hours in a quarter.


  • Assembla makes your team productive with the advanced, easy-to-use collaboration features.
  • Invite new team members at any time, and assign them the correct permissions. There is no need to work with a system administrator.
  • Email notifications keep you updated about commits in your repository. You can register to be notified in real-time, hourly, or daily.
  • Click through on any notification to see the changes. Write comments directly on the changeset. Implement formal code review using Assembla's merge request feature. Make changes on a branch, request a review, write comments, and accept and merge the changes. This works great with merge improvements in the new Subversion 1.8 release.
  • An activity stream shows all work from your team members and keeps team members connected together.


  • Assembla has the richest feature set of any Subversion host.
  • Assembla is one of the only hosts that allows you to add server side hooks. You can use the to enforce coding standards or automate workflow. Use our library of server-side hooks or contribute your own scripts and improvements.
  • Assembla's code browser makes it easy to see images and code with content highlighting, see every change with diff views, and comment on changes.
  • The "Compare" report shows you changes in any time period, including links to affected tickets, allowing you to get automated release notes, even when you are releasing frequently.
  • Deploy with FTP and SSH agents. Automatically deploy to any Web/FTP server with the FTP tool. Run more sophisticated build and test scripts with the SSH deploy tool. Make your operation more efficient.
  • Integrated ticketing and issue management makes your team more productive. It gives you a complete view of the status of each task, and it provides a place for you to collaborate with clients and other team members that are not coders.
  • Assembla integrates other collaboration and management tools to keep you connected and moving.
  • Assembla is a custom-made application that is crafted to integrate all of these features. It gives your users a better experience than competitors who string together older open source tools like Trac and Bugzilla.
  • Assembla provides phone and email support from real humans who support thousands of repository users like you.


  • Assembla is constantly working to extend Subversion with new, modern workflows. We have pioneered the study of centralized continuous delivery. We extended Subversion with merge request and merge features that so that you can use modern review and test workflows to scale your development process.