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Assembla is the best Subversion host based on reliability, collaborative features, and innovation. Sign up to see why over one million users have trusted Assembla for their coding needs.

Unmatched Reliability & Security

Your code is safe with triple-redundant replication. Each commit is replicated in real time from the live server, to a hot failover server, and then to an offsite disaster recovery location. And with 99.9% uptime, you and your team will have no problem accessing and committing code.

Browse & Compare Code

Browse, review, and share code instantly with our beautiful web-based code browser. Clearly see what has changed with our syntax highlighted changeset browser featuring inline code commenting.

Team & Branch Permissions

Quickly invite new team members at any time and assign them the correct permissions. Need more fine-grained control? Protected branches let you control write permissions to every branch. There is no need to work with a system administrator.

Collaborative Code Review & Merge

Contributors can submit code from a branch, and team member's can pull and test changes, view changesets and affected files, submit a new version, vote on the request, and ultimately merge or reject the request - all from one simple UI.

Track Team Progress

An activity stream lets you understand the pace of the team and have a concise timeline of repository activity. Dig deeper by filtering activity by team members. Customize email notifications based on the desired frequency - real-time, hourly, or daily reports.

SVN, Git & P4 Under One Roof

Do not be restricted to one repository type. Create unlimited free Subversion, Git AND Perforce repositories in a matter of seconds. Centralize your repositories by hosting everything with Assembla.


Add Integrated Task Management and Collaboration Tools

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