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Name Date Commit message Revision
com 2009-08-05 [eborisow] Removed directory. 168
edu 2009-08-05 [eborisow] Added the join this trip function to the existing trips. 171
net 2009-07-09 [eborisow] Updated the project to allow searching by address. 92
icons.png 2009-06-05 [eborisow] Initial import. 45
markers.png 2009-07-11 [eborisow] Added a page to show the directions for a trip. 93
PennStateNittanyLions_bb.jpg 2009-07-25 [gscholl] New Splash Screen 126
psu-icon.gif 2009-06-24 [eborisow] Created an icon otherwise the app won't even load on the Blackberry. 72
psu.jpg 2009-06-15 [gscholl] Committing what I have so far for the splash screen. Still working on the timer, so right now you have to hit the middle button to get to the login. 60
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