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Name Date Commit message Revision
accounting 2008-04-14 [sunsetsystems] multiple fixes to prepay and checkout d26c0e3f27
contrib 2010-06-05 [bradymiller] appliance startup script in the Developer Appliance and cvs demos e96cf8982f
controllers 2010-04-08 [bradymiller] bug fix for Windows to allow moving of documents between patients 7dd8d16a54
Documentation 2010-05-23 [bradymiller] Fix CRLF a6cf5acfe3
documents 2005-03-09 [wpennington] Initial revision 7080e87bba
edi 2007-01-07 [sunsetsystems] support for the Availity clearinghouse and grouping claims into a single ISA/GS/ST segment per batch 60a5839954
era 2007-02-28 [sunsetsystems] explaining what the era directory is for d8147e09c5
gacl 2010-05-23 [bradymiller] Fix CRLF a6cf5acfe3
images 2010-03-24 [bradymiller] Support for CPOE, labs, and messaging contributed by Thomas Wong 17fedadd23
includes 2009-08-16 [bradymiller] bug fix: configurable prescription logo abc61a97d4
modules 2010-05-23 [bradymiller] Fix CRLF a6cf5acfe3
phpmyadmin 2010-05-23 [bradymiller] Fix CRLF ee6bf0dd0d
templates 2010-03-30 [bradymiller] increase document upload size from 12MB to 64MB, by penguin8r 2b0f72dee3
acl_setup.php 2010-03-24 [bradymiller] Support for CPOE, labs, and messaging contributed by Thomas Wong 17fedadd23
acl_upgrade.php 2010-03-24 [bradymiller] Support for CPOE, labs, and messaging contributed by Thomas Wong 17fedadd23
CategoryTreeMenu.js 2009-06-28 [bradymiller] minor internationalization modification 304fe72646
ChangeLog 2008-03-18 [lemonsoftwarero] SMS Reminder by Larry Lart 83ca1323b6
ChangeLog.old.cvs 2005-03-09 [wpennington] Initial revision 7080e87bba
controller.php 2005-03-09 [wpennington] Initial revision 7080e87bba
COPYING 2005-03-09 [wpennington] Initial revision 7080e87bba
copyright_notice.html 2005-03-27 [drbowen] Initial revision d83ef78728
copyright_notice_long.html 2005-03-27 [drbowen] Initial revision d83ef78728
copyright_notice_short.html 2005-03-27 [drbowen] Initial revision d83ef78728
CREDITS 2005-03-09 [wpennington] Initial revision 7080e87bba
DocumentTreeMenu.js 2005-03-09 [wpennington] Initial revision 7080e87bba
GnuGPL.html 2005-03-27 [drbowen] Initial revision d83ef78728
index.php 2007-04-03 [lemonsoftwarero] remove duplicate include; fix short php tags 818cea47c2
INSTALL 2009-08-01 [bradymiller] instructions for mysql collation selection 6f7a2784a6
ippf_upgrade.php 2009-11-12 [sunsetsystems] fixed converted visit form names e5f93bd1b3
login.php 2006-03-03 [andres_paglayan] xl() 8b4307c15a
phpunit.xml 2010-06-04 [stephen-smith] Patch provided by Andrew Moore (acmoore) b993e4efa9
README 2010-05-22 [bradymiller] quick intro and instructions used by github 45f9b229d5
setup.php 2010-04-15 [bradymiller] extract function of globals removed, contributed by acmoore 21ea22032c
sl_convert.php 2010-06-07 [sunsetsystems] added logic for invoice w/o encounter, encounter w/o invoice, and fixed bug in last_level_billed calculation d70ede67b8
sql_upgrade.php 2010-04-01 [sunsetsystems] initial work for globals GUI and related support a38aba8ee7
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