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Name Date Commit message Revision
accounting 2008-04-14 [sunsetsystems] multiple fixes to prepay and checkout d26c0e3f27
ccr 2013-09-28 [Luis Maas] Direct Messaging Module updates for improved reliability, security, and useability 702c56e319
contrib 2014-01-08 [bradymiller] Fix to using most recent development translation set on development demo. 884a77ecb5
controllers 2014-04-10 [Kevin Yeh] Remove extraneous & for call by reference in document upload plugin. Call by reference should be handled in the function signature, not a runtime. c5d7b23e4a
custom 2013-08-01 [Kevin Yeh] Problem management fix for Fee Sheet Justify Search and syntax error fix in code_set_search b7ca8b8932
Documentation 2013-08-01 [Luis Maas] Direct Messaging update: add CCR transmit, more meaningful attachment filenames ef04bbf7d1
gacl 2013-07-11 [Kevin Yeh] Apply mysql port number where appropriate 575b8adb6e
images 2011-07-30 [Jacob T.Paul] Nation Notes module contributed by Z&H Healthcare. 87fe55e197
includes 2010-09-04 [sunsetsystems] Added support for multiple sites from a single installation 9302ecf220
interface 2014-04-11 [Rod Roark] Hard coded some MIME types for document template download in case mime type detection is not supported. 3ef6f36f43
library 2014-04-11 [rozion] Styling the Acknowledgements page 220b5e54c8
modules 2013-02-17 [mdsupport] 1-Fix the problem with html body showing up as attachment 3f1ee4902c
myportal 2013-10-09 [bradymiller] another minor fix to prior commit 3dbe57ae8f
patients 2013-10-29 [bradymiller] Security fix in multisite module, take 3. 5903ae2074
phpmyadmin 2013-07-08 [bradymiller] PHPMYADMIN - [PATCH] [security] Global variables scope injection vulnerability (see PMASA-2013-7) 23ae06ee46
sites 2013-04-26 [Teny] Migrate the Clickoption and Issue Type settings into the database. c3bc923ed4
sql 2014-01-23 [Ken Chapple] Added ESign api and implemantion of ESign on forms and encounters 5adae4b909
templates 2014-03-19 [Rod Roark] Added support for document templates. 6464c80ec1
Tests 2013-02-12 [bradymiller] Code type module improvements: 4c2e8f116c
acknowledge_license_cert.html 2014-04-14 [bradymiller] updated acknowledgments page 4cccd97261
acl_setup.php 2012-09-28 [bradymiller] Access Control enhancements: a5f58a71ad
acl_upgrade.php 2012-09-29 [bradymiller] Integrated access control upgrading into the sql_upgrade.php script - will simplify upgrading e5114ece7d
admin.php 2012-09-29 [bradymiller] Integrated access control upgrading into the sql_upgrade.php script - will simplify upgrading e5114ece7d
CategoryTreeMenu.js 2009-06-28 [bradymiller] minor internationalization modification 304fe72646
controller.php 2005-03-10 [wpennington] Initial revision 7080e87bba
COPYRIGHT_AND_LICENSE 2012-08-05 [bradymiller] Second revision for copyright clarification 44e4e0a07c
DocumentTreeMenu.js 2005-03-10 [wpennington] Initial revision 7080e87bba
index.php 2014-01-26 [bradymiller] Security fixes for pre-authentication cross-site scripting vulnerabilities d54a90dfb9
INSTALL 2013-07-28 [bradymiller] INSTALL document minor change c505694673
ippf_upgrade.php 2009-11-13 [sunsetsystems] fixed converted visit form names e5f93bd1b3
license.txt 2012-06-06 [bradymiller] acknowledgements, licensing and certfication information update 6fa59a0966
phpunit.xml 2010-06-05 [stephen-smith] Patch provided by Andrew Moore (acmoore) b993e4efa9
README 2013-04-07 [bradymiller] testing commit 8912009926 2012-03-15 [bradymiller] README bug fix a06586232d
setup.php 2014-01-26 [bradymiller] Security fixes for pre-authentication cross-site scripting vulnerabilities d54a90dfb9
sl_convert.php 2010-06-07 [sunsetsystems] added logic for invoice w/o encounter, encounter w/o invoice, and fixed bug in last_level_billed calculation d70ede67b8
sql_patch.php 2012-06-12 [tajemo] Patch script improvement f6d1333ad3
sql_upgrade.php 2013-07-12 [bradymiller] Branched 4.1.2-dev to prepare for release of OpenEMR 4.1.2 in several weeks 948d14e35a
version.php 2014-01-25 [bradymiller] eSign module modifications: 2f9e3b9b40

Welcome to OpenEMR!!!

OpenEMR is a Free and Open Source electronic health records and medical practice management application. It is ONC Complete Ambulatory EHR Certified and it features fully integrated electronic health records, practice management, scheduling, electronic billing, internationalization, free support, a vibrant community, and a whole lot more. It can run on Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, and many other platforms.

The setup documentation can be found in the INSTALL file and extensive documentation and forums can be found on the OpenEMR website at:

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