Agetor app ku is an open source project powered by Assembla

Assembla offers free public and private SVN/Git repositories and project hosting with bug/issue tracking and collaboration tools.


Name Date Commit message Revision
conf 2012-05-28 [Benstylez] 10
db 2012-05-28 [Benstylez] 10
hooks 2012-05-28 [Benstylez] 10
locks 2012-05-28 [Benstylez] 10
Workspace 2012-05-30 [Benstylez] Implementerede en menu, samt tilhørende billeder og activity til de 3 øverste service. 13
Desktop.ini 2012-05-28 [Benstylez] 10
format 2012-05-28 [Benstylez] 10
readme.textile 2011-09-18 [www-data] Automatically created readme.textile and /trunk directory. We recommend you to put all your code there. 1
README.txt 2012-05-28 [Benstylez] 10
svn.ico 2012-05-28 [Benstylez] 10


In assembla you can use textile, html or markdown to add some sugar to your readme files. Just add the extention to your readme file, so we can recognize the markup you want to use!

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