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Future release


v1.1.9 - Device group theming & beta of Nokia themes

2009-12-08 - James Pearce


v1.2 - Nokia themes & L10N/I18N readiness

2009-12-18 - James Pearce



2011-12-31 - James Pearce



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  • Re: Organising ourselves for August

    I think I'll have a few nights, but not many.<br /><br />I've picked up a couple of tickets and will pick up more as I get these done.<br /><br />Should we have a quick release to add support for 2.8.3? I suppose it'll all just work, but a test would be good and might add some more downloads.<br /><br />The one thing I really don't un... <a href="/spaces/wordpress-mobile-pack/messages/43589">more...</a>

  • Organising ourselves for August

    Hi folks,<br /><br />I've shuffled the dates, but I have decided we should aim for a v1.2 release at the end of August.<br /><br />I know it's summer (at least in the northern hemisphere), so there might be vacation disruptions - but also maybe things are quieter at work, eh? ;-)<br /><br />Can you each give me an idea of how much tim...<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /> <a href="/spaces/wordpress-mobile-pack/messages/243289">more...</a>

  • Support forums - they're not here!

    If you are looking for support for the WordPress mobile plugin, you should visit dotMobi's excellent mobiForge.<br /><br /><strong>There you will find our <a rel="nofollow" href="">support forums</a></strong> - and don't panic... we keep the bugs and features here up-to-date with what we read over there.<br /><br />Whilst it looks like this Assembla site would be quite...<br /><br /> <a href="/spaces/wordpress-mobile-pack/messages/160353">more...</a>

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