Compil is an open source project powered by Assembla

Assembla offers free public and private SVN/Git repositories and project hosting with bug/issue tracking and collaboration tools.

Upgrade your account and gain access to additional tools

Upgrade your account and you can have instant access to the Ticket, Repository, Collaboration, Management, and Deploy tools listed below. Get a 15-day free trial on all paid plans.

Ticketing Tools


Create and organize tickets for managing development tasks, bug reports, issues, feature requests, and agile story and release planning. Includes three views - Ticket List, Cardwall, and Agile Planner.


Organize important events in your development timeline such as releases, sprints, and iterations. Milestones are required for the Tickets tool and will be installed automatically with the Ticket tool.


The Support tool integrates with the Ticket tool to provide customers a support ticket system for submitting and following issues, bugs, and feature requests. Customers get a personal view of the tickets that they submit.

Ticket Support Extension Tool

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Subversion A Subversion repository featuring commit alerts, a code browser with full syntax highlighting, inline code commenting, and "view as a webpage". All hosted on our triple-redundant servers.


Perforce A Perforce depot that utilizes streams for up to 17 users. If you need more users, please contact our support department about additional licensing.


Source/Git Git is a distributed version control system with full support for branches and SSH key management. Includes commit alerts, a code browser with full syntax highlighting, and "view as a webpage".


Mercurial (Beta) Mercurial (hg)

External Subversion

Use your own on-site Subversion repository and integrate it with Assembla's activity stream, Ticket tool, wiki, StandUp tool, and other collaboration tools.


Integrate your Bitbucket repository (git) with Assembla's activity stream and Ticket tool. The Bitbucket tool shows bitbucket commits on Assembla tickets and the Assembla Stream.


Integrate your Github repository with Assembla's activity stream and Ticket tool. The Github tool shows github commits on Assembla tickets and the Assembla Stream.

Collaboration Tools


A simple wiki to document features, ideas, specifications, or anything else. Edit pages with a WYSIWYG editor or with Textile. Restore pages to previous states using page history and rollback.


Communicate with team members while keeping a centralized record of all conversations. Post messages from inside Assembla or by email, reply to threads, attach files, and customize email notifications.


Add files or Google Docs with descriptions and tags. All files uploaded to tickets, messages, and wiki pages are searchable in the Files tool, and all attached Google Docs are automatically "shared" with all team members.

Management Tools


A simple form for team members to report on "what I did", "what I will do", and "needs and obstacles". StandUp reports eliminate the needs for conference calls, speed up daily scrum chats, and help team members focus on the most important tasks.


Team members enter time worked, and project owners get reports of time entered by team members. Exportable reports simplify accounting, client billing, and payment.

Build and Deploy


Push code and SVN/Git repository content to an external FTP server or schedule automatic updates on commit, hourly, daily, or weekly. Deploy code to any server with ftp or sftp installed.


(Beta) The SSH Tool allows you to run scripts on your server based on events in your project or manually. To use, please add the DSA key to your server. You can use this to run builds remotely, deploys for testing or even production.