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Job: Assembla product evangelist - programmer, innovator, communicator to try and demonstrate tools and techniques

* This job will use an Assembla job agreement

Tags   agile, marketing
Desired service type:
Description, tasks, and duties

Assembla is seeking a product evangelist to provide ideas, documentation, and examples to Assembla users. You should be excited about development tools, working with network-connected teams, and accelerating software development. You should be a good programmer who is also a great online communicator.

Summarize the opportunity. Why is this a good team, project and role?

We will increase your visibility in the global developer community and help you communicate your ideas. You will meet other alpha-geeks. You will have a visible impact on our product.

Requirements: skills, experience, and availability

We need to explain features like git fork-and-merge, Gerrit code review, Mercurial, Scrum, and Kanban.

You should have experience with

  • Software development, including demonstration code. You must be a good programmer with an active interest in many tools and methodologies.
  • Writing blog posts
  • Social media interactions
  • Open source
  • Producing screencam videos
  • Technical documentation
    Ideally, you have worked in a distributed team using online tools, and/or contributed to open source projects. You should have some familiarity with subversion, git, and mercurial. You should be ready to have an active discussion about methodologies like scrum, XP, and Kanban.
Compensation, terms, and duration of job

This is a telecommute job. We will consider candidates in any global location, with a slight preference for someone who can work in our offices in Boston. You can work part time, or full time.

How should the candidate respond? What information is required? What is the trial task or qualifying process?

Please select “Apply” on top of this page and provide us with your experience, dates and amount of availability, and desired compensations.

Time commitment
Target Start Date: 2011-02-24
Minimum hours per week: 15
Maximum hours per week: 45
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Andy Singleton
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