"Our clients gain visibility. Our business grows with client collaboration and development process control."

Chris Geiser, CTO The Garrigan Lyman Group | New York, NY

Chris Geiser

Web development shops are thrilling clients with Assembla Portfolio's organized communications, agile or continuous releases, and professional delivery of code and other assets.

Manage development requests

  • Proactively manage client workflow and expectations
  • Enable clients to prioritize tasks for each day or week
  • Accept requests and match resources to requirements
  • Easily maintain designs, websites, and code
  • Efficiently review changes and track acceptance
  • Effortlessly manage assets of any kind with Subversion, Git, P4, GitHub, and Dropbox
  • Clarify collaborations with the right details about each task so the team always focuses on what is important to the client.
Chris Geiser

Geiser says "Assembla Portfolio helped us create positive sustainment workflows for managing digital initiatives over time with clients like Toyo Tires - they can work with us to proactively arrange milestones according to shifting priorities."

Be everywhere. Progress all the time.

  • Developers, designers, and clients work where they work, when they work
  • The conversation follows the sun with easily searchable @mentions, tickets, messages, wikis, and code commits - everything is in writing and work progresses all the time
  • You are never out of touch, time difference no longer cause delays, miscommunication due to cultural gaps ceases
  • Deadlines are adhered to and trust is built with clients
  • You can work with the best talent and be hired by any client - no matter where they are located.
Chris Geiser

Geiser says "The release management with version control on Assembla and continuous integration provides us with a single source of information, saving time and expenses."

Surpass client expectations

  • Clients, agencies, service providers, and individual collaborators are all invested in the quality and speed of the assets produced
  • With increased visibility, there are no unpleasant surprises or client frustrations
  • Developers understand the interdependence of the work on business decisions and no longer feel like their brilliance is thwarted
  • Clients participate in prioritization, provide feedback during the development process, and approve each task's completion
  • Transparency, clarity, and accuracy are infused into the billing process to capture more billable hours, avoid billing questions and disputes, and get referrals from your satisfied clients :)
Chris Geiser

Geiser says "The bottom line is that Assembla has helped Garrigan Lyman Group win new business...Assembla let us grow our 'customer equity' by proving we can meet tough client requirements, with less stress and more confidence."

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