Portfolio secure private install

The Private Install is a complete installation of the Assembla software hosted on your servers, or on private servers managed by Assembla. You completely control the security environment. You get unlimited numbers of project spaces and repositories. We use our continuous delivery process to give you updates as frequently as you want them.

You control security

You control the server, network, and security. We will help you integrate with external systems, email servers, and authentication systems such as LDAP, Active Directory, and SAML. We also provide a robust REST API and the ability to contribute source code.

Multiple repositories

On-demand Git, SVN, and Perforce repositories that are designed to make teams more productive online, especially teams looking for distributed agile teams, continuous integration, and continuous delivery. The Assembla server can include trunk-based workflows, github-style fork and merge workflows, and gerrit-style workflows.

Continuously updated

While installed on your server, you will get frequent, effortless updates. We take care of providing the most up-to-date tools/features that our hosted customers receive so you and your teams can focus on important projects.

Customer commitment

Every Private Install client has a dedicated Account Executive that provides unlimited technical support via email, phone, or Skype. Whenever you have a question, we will deliver a quick personalized answer.

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Call 1 (781) 343-1918 or email sales@assembla.com to get started or discuss your requirements.

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