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What clients are saying

  • "I run a development company that builds software for startups. We use Assembla to keep track of projects & progress, and manage our codebases. Assembla gives me an overview on how we’re doing as a team, and gives me visibility into where efficiencies can be made and productivity can be improved. It allows us to communicate effectively as a team on development tasks, and lets us share project progress with our clients. Assembla is an important part of our day-to-day activity, and we increasingly rely upon it to help us run our company."

    Eamon Leonard, Managing Director, echolibre

  • "We have a team which is spread out over a wide area, so it is essential that we have the best collaborative tools available to us. Assembla fits that role and is critical to our everyday operation. The support is excellent. Assembla always listens to our needs/ideas..."

    Joel Hughes, Director, Jojet LTD

  • "Assembla replaces traditionally bulky tools with lean, powerful, and easy to use solutions."

    Sinclair Schuller, CEO, Apprenda, Inc.

  • "Thanks to Assembla we streamlined our entire development and communication process worldwide and tripled our sales capacity. Goodbye stress, hello Assembla!"

    David Hefty, CEO, Simple Splash

  • "Assembla allows our team to work more efficiently, enabling us to spend more time on development and less time on maintenance and administration. The Assembla tools are extremely user-friendly and have tremendously improved our overall workflow."

    David Lewis, Co-Founder, Star Trek Guide

  • "Smart all-in-one-place integration of tools enables me as a project manager to task, control and motivate our programming guys who develop the software projects for our web design company."

    Adam Kurzok, CEO,

  • "We grew from 1 to 10 developers - moving 3 times to new and bigger offices without losing a single hour managing or moving our development infratructure. made this possible. Assembla is reliable, constantly growing with new features and enhancements and… good-looking!"

    Emanuele Cerquaglia, CEO, MyTI

  • "We needed an easy to use Application Lifecycle Management software and found most of our requirements met by Assembla. Assembla offers hosted SVN, Wikis, tickets, and the extremely useful "Stream" feature. They also provided us with an opportunity to contribute to their product roadmap..."

    Mike Grushin, Information Technology Lead, Omnigon

  • "Assembla has become our one-stop-project-management-shop in no time!"

    Bram Plessers, Mr. Henry

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