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The development teams who love Assembla

Andrew Sperazza

Assembla allows us to be dynamic and speedy, while at the same time giving a good overview into where we are and who is working on what. We have used quite a few tools before, but have committed to Assembla for its comprehensive feature set, ease of use, speed of access, and the ability to meet our needs as creators and innovators of often complex applications.

Andrew Sperazza, CEO at Predictive Motion

Muhammad Atif

Assembla provides all the features/tools we need to manage tasks, teams, code, clients, collaboration, and billing/time in one easy-to-use platform.

Muhammad Atif, Director at Pure Logics

Tim Lock

Assembla provides us with a clear and concise way to track progress . . . It is invaluable in communicating issues and resolutions between managers, developers and customers. The ability to quickly search and view ticket histories has saved hours of development and management time.

Tim Lock, Senior Project Manager at FeedHenry by RedHat

Clint Wilson

Heading into our 5th year, we use Assembla to manage all development for Cazoomi’s SyncApps and Constant Contact’s CentralSend. It efficiently organizes our releases, kills those bugs and manages our agile development process end to end. Love it :)

Clint Wilson, CEO at Cazoomi

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Website and web app development projects are simplified with Assembla’s team collaboration solution. Work in a way that works for you and your clients with unified activity streams, messages, comments, review workflows, @mentions, and more.
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532,212 Repositories

Commit code with our Git workflows or our GitHub connector, then combine with SVN and P4 to suit your needs for each project or client. Choose SCRUM or Kanban frameworks to easily prioritize, continuously deploy, and improve.
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9,609,193 Tasks

We simplify the process working on multiple projects, helping you work smarter and faster. Tickets document and centralize tasks, the Kanban Cardwall helps you visualize workflows, and milestones allow you to timebox sprints and iterations.
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Need free SVN, Git, or P4 repos without any other tools or support? Click here

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