Why Enterprise?

Many of our customers are responsible for 20 or more digital projects - Web sites, mobile apps, agile software releases, and digital marketing projects. Assembla eliminates the time, cost, and hassle of pulling together teams, information and code from multiple systems. In the launch phase, Assembla project containers provide instant tools for a team. In the management phase, Assembla project containers show you everything that is happening, and collect information in one place. In the maintenance phase, these containers become assets that can be delivered to clients or future teams. The Enterprise package adds visibility and control for you, and more capabilities for your project leaders.


Start in Seconds

  • Unlimited project containers
  • Any project leader can create projects which can be approve manually or automatically
  • Provide project templates with standard tools and content
  • Link code and information from Github, Bigplans, and other systems
  • Upgrade longer-running projects to modern continuous agile workflows


Clear Views Ahead

  • Cross-project milestone calendar
  • Cross-project task and activity reports
  • Consolidated time reporting

Go Faster, Safely

  • See what all users are doing
  • Detailed activity for a single user
  • Consolidated standup reporting

Scale, Securely

  • Centralized user management
  • Add, remove, and report on all users in one place
  • Assign manager, core, or watcher roles
  • SAML security available for controlling login


Archive Reliably

  • Collect discussions, documentation, team contacts, and code
  • Keep unlimited active and archived projects
  • Use our triple-redundant servers (active server with redundant components, failover server, and off-site disaster recovery)
  • Ask about local installation and/or backup to your own cloud storage accounts

Fix It Fast

  • Enhance or restart at any time
  • Find the existing team in one place
  • Invite new team members and give them everything they need
  • Feel the freedom to bring in new service providers and suppliers
  • Assembla workspaces can include build tools and scripts, so you can immediately start deploying changes
  • Transfer any Assembla project to a new owner or a different subscriber

Reuse and Save

  • Share code with any team in your Enterprise portal
  • Don't pay for the same code twice
  • Copy existing projects as templates for new projects

Do you have questions?

Call 1.781.343.1918, email sales@assembla.com, or fill out the form below to discuss your requirements.