Meet the Team

Who We Are

From hackers to pixel perfectionist to marketing aficionados, we work together to produce products that accelerate development projects.

Paul Lynch

Paul Lynch CEO

Jacek Materna

Jacek Materna CTO

Angela Bartels

Angela Bartels VP, Marketing

Curtis Morris

Curtis Morris VP, Customer Success

Sergiy Golub

Sergiy Golub VP, Engineering

Sam Perrow

Sam Perrow Integrations Engineer

Christine Cremonni

Christine Cremonni Customer Success Manager

Brandon Garcia

Brandon Garcia Sales Account Manager

Zachary Stovall

Zachary Stovall Sales Account Manager

Nadia Romano

Nadia Romano Data Analyst

Sergey Nazarov

Sergey Nazarov DevOps Lead

Damian Szymański

Damian Szymański DevOps

Andrei Cuşnir

Andrei Cuşnir DevOps

Ghulam Shabbir Hashmi

Ghulam Shabbir Hashmi Customer Success Lead

Alexander Toshio Davila Chinen

Alexander Toshio Davila Chinen Customer Success Manager

John Dimou

John Dimou Customer Success Manager

Nick Venglovsky

Nick Venglovsky Customer Success Manager

Arthur Olhovski

Arthur Olhovski QA Engineer

Jonathan Stovall

Jonathan Stovall UX Architect

Rae D. Cabello

Rae D. Cabello Visual Design Lead

Marcin Ksiazkiewicz

Marcin Ksiazkiewicz UX Lead

Malgorzata Felis

Malgorzata Felis UX Designer

Bartek Skrzyczek

Bartek Skrzyczek UX Designer

Vadim Todorov

Vadim Todorov Software Developer

Maximiliano Perez Coto

Maximiliano Perez Coto Software Developer

Stanislav Kolotinskiy

Stanislav Kolotinskiy Software Developer

Artur Kremens

Artur Kremens Software Developer

Wojciech Lazar

Wojciech Lazar Software Developer

Gabriela Fijalkowska

Gabriela Fijalkowska Software Developer

Where we work

At Assembla, we practice what we preach with 40+ employees working together across 20+ countries. We use our own products to organize task, manage code, and collaborate as a team, as if we were all in the same office.