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Assembla is helping agencies and development teams of all sizes keep their clients happy by creating transparent processes and collaborating with clients to create excellent results and deliver them quickly.


The bottom line is that Assembla has helped Garrigan Lyman Group win new business from existing clients. We have evolved from helping clients with flashy but self-contained marketing projects, to solutions that work with the core of their businesses. We could not have pulled this off so effectively without Assembla to help us collaborate better with our clients and improve control of our development processes. Assembla let us grow our 'customer equity' by proving we can meet tough client requirements, with less stress and more confidence.

Chris "Whitey" Geiser, Chief Technology Officer, Garrigan Lyman Group
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The use of the Assembla tool has been a great asset to a productive Agile Workflow Process. It allows us to be dynamic and speedy, while at the same time give a good overview into where we are, and who is working on what items. We use the System to manage our defects, change requests, and feature requests. We have used quite a few tools before, but have committed to Assembla for its comprehensive feature set, ease of use, speed of access, and the ability to meet our needs as creators and innovators of often complex applications.

Andrew Sperazza, CEO, Predictive Motion

I have used many other tools but Assembla has proven to be the best project management system. Assembla provides all the features/tools we need to manage tasks, teams, code, clients, collaboration, and billing/time in one easy-to-use platform.

Muhammad Atif, Director, Pure Logics

Thanks to Assembla we streamlined our entire development and communication process worldwide and tripled our sales capacity. Goodbye stress, hello Assembla!

David Hefty, CEO, Simple Splash

The vast majority of our business comes from referrals. Providing transparency via Assembla is an organic part of our "sales pitch." Our existing good customers tell the story of their engagement to future good customers. Assembla has been the hands-down best tool we've found to support the communication style we prefer.

Rob Heittman, CTO, Solertium

We never fight with clients. They have a realistic view of what is being accomplished. Every month they can change their priorities. Most importantly, they get the web site or application that they really wanted, even if they didn't know what that was when they started.

Terry Hoy, Vice President, Gravity Jack
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We have tried other services, but Assembla provides the ticketing, management, and collaboration tools that work best for us.

Carlos Montagut, Business Manager, New Technologies
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Assembla replaces traditionally bulky tools with lean, powerful, and easy to use solutions.

Sinclair Schuller, CEO, Apprenda, Inc.

Assembla has enabled our distributed team to work together with precision and accuracy as if we were all in the same office. The ever growing suite of on-demand tools have made our work more efficient and allowed us to grow rapidly to fit the needs of our customers.

Micah Knox, CTO, Knox Technology, Inc.
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Assembla is one of best software management tools for community driven Open Source projects. It's simple to use yet offers all the richness we needed to be productive from day one. It marries free and paid services together which is ideal for OS projects that expect to become big. Assembla will be key in helping us to grow our Nooku community.

Johan Jansens, Lead Architect, Nooku Project

Smart all-in-one-place integration of tools enables me as a project manager to task, control and motivate our programming guys who develop the software projects for our web design company.

Adam Kurzok, CEO, creactive.cz

I run a development company that builds software for startups. We use Assembla to keep track of projects & progress, and manage our codebases. Assembla gives me an overview on how we're doing as a team, and gives me visibility into where efficiencies can be made and productivity can be improved. It allows us to communicate effectively as a team on development tasks, and lets us share project progress with our clients. Assembla is an important part of our day-to-day activity, and we increasingly rely upon it to help us run our company.

Eamon Leonard, Managing Director, echolibre

Assembla enables our company to keep all of our projects organized and decreases our development time, and this makes for extremely happy clients.

Thom Downing, CEO, Web Evolved

For the last year I have been congratulated every week or two for moving to Assembla, by everybody from development to management. We started our first space with about 50 users in 4 different locations (Spain, France, Germany and India)...We now have more than 100 users.

With Assembla, everybody sees everything. Everybody shares the same milestones. Everybody immediately knows what someone on the other side of the world is doing. The Stream is Assembla's killer feature.

Pau Garcia i Quiles, R+D+i Leader, Arisnova

I run a distributed team of developers in a fast paced environment. Of all the solutions we've tested or worked with, Assembla has always fit like a glove. It's been our weapon of choice for almost 3 years.

Jay Decker, Founder, Sproutlet.io
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We have a team which is spread out over a wide area, so it is essential that we have the best collaborative tools available to us. Assembla fits that role and is critical to our everyday operation. The support is excellent, and Assembla always listens to our needs/ideas.

Joel Hughes, Director, Jojet LTD

We grew from 1 to 10 developers - moving 3 times to new and bigger offices without losing a single hour managing or moving our development infratructure. Assembla.com made this possible. Assembla is reliable, constantly growing with new features and enhancements and good-looking!

Emanuele Cerquaglia, CEO, MyTi

Since switching to Assembla, we're able to put together a team and a new project quickly. It takes the dread out of getting a project running.

Mike McKasty, Technical Lead, IntelliSites
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I've been in companies of all sizes and maturity levels, and used all types of process support tools, change management tools, and the like. I have found Assembla to be one of the most complete and easiest-to-use.

Cory Berg, Application Architect, Shopping Scout

Before using Assembla we tried a number of other bug tracking and project tracking tools. Assembla gave us the most organized way to tackle projects. It is very good for feedback and communication, and allows us to organize processes and workflows. It has also helped us improve software quality.

Greg Artzt, CEO, General Sentiment
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