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Tiberian Sun bugfixes

This program applies a few patches to the Tiberian Sun `Game.exe' executable,
fixing a few crashes that could otherwise occur.


Under certain conditions, the graphical effects of the GDI Disruptor, Nod
Laser, and Nod Obelisk of Light, can make the game crash.

When the game crashes, it will show the error message `Tiberian Sun has
encountered an internal error and is unable to continue normally.'. It will
also write information about the crash to the file `except.txt', which will
usually show that the game crashed at offset 0x6717CB or 0x6703D4 (for version
2.03 of `Game.exe'), if it was due to one of the aforementioned bugs.

However, crashes at different offsets may also be solved by the bugfixes, as
sometimes the bugs cause memory corruption that causes crashes later on.

Normally, the crashes occur at offsets 0x6717CB and 0x6703D4 (in version 2.03
of `Game.exe'), under either of the following conditions:
    - When firing the GDI Disruptor downwards and scrolling up, so that the
      sonic energy beam touches the bottom of the game's viewport.
    - When firing the Nod Laser or Nod Obelisk of Light while scrolling up or
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