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Name Date Commit message Revision
112-menus 2011-08-18 [Johan Janssens] re #112 : Merged from branches/development 2502
168-pages 2011-11-28 [kotuha] re #168 - updated pages view to latest changes + verified getInstance fix 3216
186-users 2012-04-18 [Johan Janssens] Merged from development 3585
78-contacts 2011-07-01 [Johan Janssens] Fixed merge issue 2119
93-template 2011-11-28 [cristina.solana] #93 some layout and styling, working on sample data - currently held hostage on my local. 3215
96-password 2012-04-28 [arunasmazeika] Regexp cleanup. 3616
99-users 2012-04-27 [arunasmazeika] A password change may now be forced the next time a user performs a login in the frontend interface. This behavior can be enabled by editing the user in question. 3615
development 2012-05-01 [Johan Janssens] re #78 : Refactor com_contacts. Intermediate commit [WIP] 3630
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