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Name Date Commit message Revision
filter 2010-09-11 [Johan Janssens] re #123 : KTemplateAbstract::getView returns object instance instead of identifier. 2566
helper 2010-10-12 [Johan Janssens] Fixed issue. We need to use tmp instead of get. 2645
abstract.php 2010-10-01 [Johan Janssens] re #99 : The template write filtering is now done at the end of the display cycle instead of after loading each individual template for performance and flexibility reasons. 2620
default.php 2010-07-01 [Johan Janssens] Merged from branches/98-template 2310
exception.php 2010-03-30 [Johan Janssens] Updated copyright dates and fixed docblocks. 1845
registry.php 2010-07-01 [Johan Janssens] Merged from branches/98-template 2310
stream.php 2010-10-14 [Johan Janssens] re #99 : Added url_stat function to KTemplateStream. Required by all stat related functions. 2647
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