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Name Date Commit message Revision
administrator 2011-11-17 [christianhent] added new admin module 429
democontent 2011-10-01 [christianhent] 413
media 2011-11-13 [christianhent] obsolete file 423
packages 2011-07-11 [christianhent] synced mod_harbour with nooku 0.7a3 390
plugins 2010-11-18 [christianhent] made the com_harbour installer com_extensions compatible. added ability to install (sub) packages during the component installation. fixed an uninstall issue. 213
site 2011-11-13 [christianhent] synced with latest trunk. cleaned up the frontend gallery layout. 422
manifest.xml 2011-08-08 [christianhent] updated the installer. works atm without com_extensions support which was moved to incubator. people just have to export the /code directory, then zip it and install the package. Needs no changes on the svn structure. added the new harbour logo. 397
README 2011-10-01 [christianhent] synced backend with fw development branch. added locatable behavior to ports. added com_files support. moved democontent from media to sites/default/images. please read the additional README file. 414
Harrr. You cannot install at the moment harbour via the NS extension installer. You must install
the component manually after you exported the latest revision from svn (trunk). Please be aware, 
that until FW/NS development branch for alpha4 will not be merged with trunk, harbour only will
work under NS from development branch. Ah, and You should (re)install harbour from scratch.

Sorry :)

Install instructions:
1. add the component files to the right place inside your NS installation:
/code/administrator - > /installation/administrator
/code/media			 -> /installation/media
/code/plugins 		 -> /installation/plugins
code/site/components -> /installation/components
code/site/language	 -> /installation/language
code/site/modules	 -> /installation/modules

2. add the images for the demo content to your NS installation:
/code/democontent/harbour -> /installation/sites/default/images/harbour

3. install demo data

3. add harbour to components table
INSERT INTO `your_db`.`yourprefix_components` (`id`, `name`, `link`, `menuid`, `parent`, `admin_menu_link`, `admin_menu_alt`, `option`, `ordering`, `admin_menu_img`, `iscore`, `params`, `enabled`) VALUES (NULL, 'Harbour', 'option=com_harbour', '0', '0', 'option=com_harbour', 'Harbour', 'com_harbour', '0', '', '0', '', '1');
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