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2.0 Final from 19th Mar. 2012


- Function for SEO-URL added (backend, front end and global search)
- Link to the comments from the module (module ACP)
- A note within the manual (How can I add PHP scripts)

- Regular date from the templates deleted
	(You can add if you like - see manual)

1.0 Final from 16th Feb. 2012


- Is more than one comment available, the login and register info will be display on bottom too
- Comment anker for request URL added
- Image resize for archived contents solved
- Module help integrated
- Problem with the theme changer fixed
- Function "read more" is visible only, if extended text available
- Resize function in the archived content fixed
- the breadcrumb link to the archive works now 
- Comment function for archived contents added
- Breadcrumb fixed
- Link to the content within the archived Page fixed
- Table overview for archived Page fixed
- Added counter as column within the table overview
- German translation added
- Comment bubbles are visible only, if comment function on
- Comment template modified. If the visitor a guest, the can find a link for login or register to post a comment.
- Link to the module blocks added
- New list block added
- New ticker block added
- New slider block added
- Imagesize for single page fixed
- Some options from the module preferences are disabled by default
- .::Module Admin page::. link on top also available 
- Breadcrumb shows the content title too, not only the tags
- Function for comments added
- Link (title) goes direct to the content within the front end page
- Preview for the module administration added
- Content are sorted in the module administration by "last_updated" DESC now
- The global search engine is searching within the field "extended_text" now too
- QuickSearch is looking within "title", "description" and "extended_text" (Backend and front end)
- Weight disabeled, the content are sorted by "date DESC" only
- Sort content by date ASC
- Summary page: designed "Read more" button added
- Random block: designed "Read more" button added
- Detail page: Logo has a lightbox effect now
- The admin is the selected default user as the "creator"
- Fields for content deleted
- Field for address renamed into history
- Field "beendet" for archive hidden
- It will take the icons from the imageset for archived and online with new language variables
- Search result Icon changed to 22x22
- New module icons
- Image upload with 2MB and maximal 3500 x 2600 pixel possible (please check the module preferences also)
- Changed the following objects and fields from to:

projects = cms
Projects = Cms

project = start
Project = Start

completed = archiviert
Completed = Archiviert

complete = beendet
Complete = Beendet

completion = fertigstellung

latest sync. Rev.23543

Knowing errors:
- <button class="button" role="button" onclick=";window.location.href=this.getAttribute('href');return false;" href="<{$start.itemUrl}>"><span><{$smarty.const._CO_CMS_READ_MORE}></span></button>
- redirect on "register" works not, if profile module installed


- Kommentarfunktion soll nach der Install nicht aktiv sein
- Unwichtige Felder (wie z.B.: META Tags, dohtml, dobr, doimage, dosmiley) in der Moduladministration mit einem toggle versehen
- Adding group-permissions
- Adding notification function
- Use the SEO URL
- Option for every content > comment YES/NO

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