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Name Date Commit message Revision
branches 2009-03-07 [pesianstranger] removed branch for 1.2 8226
releases 2009-05-05 [malanciault] Creating impresscms_1.2_alpha_1 release 8751
tasks 2009-05-09 [m0nty] adding kernel file for autoload controller. This kernel class is intended as a controller for loading up required class, includes & language files as & when required, class filenames are stored in an array for the appropriate type, such as 'include', 'language' & 'class' and set using setRequiredClass(), setRequiredIncludes() & setRequiredLanguage() each of those will be an array of class, language & includes files. 8758
trunk  2009-05-15 [sato] comment added for translators 8768
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