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Name Date Commit message Revision
144674_new_installer 2008-10-18 [pesian_stranger] updated with latest trunk 5780
145609-file_structure_reorganization 2008-01-21 [young-pee] Updated the changelog 664
145648-faster-formdhtmltextarea 2008-02-02 [sudhaker] Made the changes; tested well in IE6 and FF2 790
145689-third_party_libraries_integration 2008-02-15 [malanciault] code format 897
145806-merge_smartx 2008-01-31 [fx2024] Some test and corrections on first import from smartx 768
146070-version_checker 2008-02-06 [young-pee] Initialization of Version Checker Task Branch 803
146264-image_manager 2008-10-09 [gibaphp] checking diff problem... 5508
146266-openid 2008-06-23 [malanciault] In try_auth.php, since we are trying to authenticate with OpenID, let' get rid of any data in $_SESSION['openid_response'] 3192
146728-Module_Administration_Improved 2008-02-27 [young-pee] Develop a improved module administration, adding templates, and making posible to improve it to a full addons administration. 1015
147019-db-optimization 2008-06-05 [skenow] Optimized indexes on users table 2654
147686-improve_db_pdo 2008-09-16 [gibaphp] Removed files brach for update in soon... 4920
150500-icmsSecurityConfig_System 2009-01-04 [m0nty_] 7848
151134-Core_Optimization 2008-09-27 [m0nty_] changed references to class/xoopsobject.php, now refers to kernel/object.php 5181
158-Admin_Login_Access 2009-04-01 [m0nty] setting the admin cookie to HTTP only access. 8364
1941523-animated_control_panel_using_jquery 2008-04-13 [nachenko] Initial version of animated control panel using jQuer. Alpha release. 1572
248-improved_input_filtering 2009-02-05 [m0nty] adding icms.datafilter.php, constructing new filter class. this may likely change as things improve. 8044
274-smarty_resized_image_tag 2009-03-04 [nachenko2] 8204
295-SecurityConfig_System 2009-04-05 [m0nty] a few more bugs squashed. 8496
517-content_manager 2009-04-26 [pesianstranger] Some modifications in order to have themes placed in system module. it's almost done now theme renders from modules/system/themes/ but it has some issues regarding including files. refs #517 8637
7-Built_in_Scheduled_Tasks_(cron_tab) 2009-04-18 [pesianstranger] Fixing a few issues to make cron task work refs #7 8615
integrating_swift_mailer 2009-01-21 [m0nty] adding the swiftmailer library 7965
multix_integration 2008-07-11 [saganxis] sites folder created 3594
zarilia_(for_merging) 2008-03-27 [mekdrop] zarilia for merging with impress (temp. branch); more info -> 1362
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