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Name Date Commit message Revision
10-faster-formdhtmltextarea 2010-01-08 [underdog] Renaming the task to the trac item number 9700
103_multix_integration 2010-01-08 [underdog] Renaming the task to the trac item number 9705
109-animated_control_panel_using_jquery 2010-01-08 [underdog] Renaming the task to the trac item number 9704
144674_new_installer 2008-10-18 [pesian_stranger] updated with latest trunk 5780
145609-file_structure_reorganization 2008-01-20 [young-pee] Updated the changelog 664
145689-third_party_libraries_integration 2008-02-15 [malanciault] code format 897
145806-merge_smartx 2008-01-31 [fx2024] Some test and corrections on first import from smartx 768
146266-openid 2008-06-23 [malanciault] In try_auth.php, since we are trying to authenticate with OpenID, let' get rid of any data in $_SESSION['openid_response'] 3192
146728-Module_Administration_Improved 2008-02-26 [young-pee] Develop a improved module administration, adding templates, and making posible to improve it to a full addons administration. 1015
147019-db-optimization 2008-06-05 [skenow] Optimized indexes on users table 2654
158-Admin_Login_Access 2009-04-01 [m0nty] setting the admin cookie to HTTP only access. 8364
254-media_and_image_manager 2010-01-08 [underdog] Renaming the task to the trac item number 9702
269-multisite 2010-01-11 [nekro] Creating a new branch based on current trunk for implementing Multisite on ImpressCMS ... 9742
274-smarty_resized_image_tag 2009-05-04 [nachenko2] #2 8743
295-Security_Config_System 2011-01-14 [m0nty_] fixing language constants. 10975
402_separate_timer_class 2010-05-06 [underdogg] The page generation line in the timer (logger_render) gave a blank page. I had to correct that. 9982
404_improve_error_logger 2010-05-26 [underdogg] Updated the 404 improve error logger with the latest trunk refs #404 10009
414-portable_bootstrap 2010-06-23 [jegelstaff] Added changes to allow ImpressCMS to be bootstrapped from inside another PHP application (the "parent" system), and to have user synchronization between the systems. If the user tables in the two systems have synchronized user ids, then when a user is logged into the "parent" system, and visits a page that bootstraps ImpressCMS, then that user will be automatically logged in to ImpressCMS as well. 10143
491-seperate-saltkey 2009-11-30 [m0nty] updating with latest trunk revision 9621 9624
492_Source_Optimization_january 2010-03-14 [underdogg] source optimization january 9906
492_Source_Optimization_march 2010-03-18 [underdogg] My optimizations caused 2 parse errors. fixed now. ticket:207 9918
517-content_manager 2009-09-03 [realtherplima] merged lastest changes from trunk. r9299:9305. ref[t:517] 9308
520-improve_version_checker 2010-01-08 [underdog] Renaming the task to the trac item number 9701
527_enhancements 2012-02-14 [davidimpress] ref: ticket #527 11571
887_Reduce_SQL_Queries 2009-12-25 [underdog] Created special branch for reducing SQL queries in ImpressCMS and copied current trunk (revision 9678) comment[t:887] 9682
97_improve_db_pdo 2010-06-20 [underdogg] Updating Improve DB class with latest trunk. Changesets 19335 through 19499 (part 3) 10090
Admin_Menu_Front_Office 2012-03-12 [mrtheme] updating css for body when adminMenu is present. 11642
impresscms_1.3-optimization 2010-03-27 [skenow] Adding note about switching back to the default templates before upgrading 9919
impresscms_1.3_autoload 2010-07-09 [skenow] More Commenting, formatting htdocs folder - control structures (if/elseif/else, for/foreach, while, switch) 10323
Input_Output_Filtering 2011-05-07 [m0nty_] Updating with latest trunk. 11225
integrating_swift_mailer 2009-01-21 [m0nty] adding the swiftmailer library 7965
JS_Refactor 2012-03-15 [mrtheme] Initial branch for JS refactoring 11647
jumpincamp 2010-11-18 [malanciault] removing debug line 10804
OldBranch_97_improve_db_pdo 2010-05-05 [underdogg] Rename Old PDO-MySQL branch directory to old PDO-MySQL Branch folder refs #97 9972
system_module 2012-04-09 [skenow] Merging from 1.3 branch through revision 11681 - TinyMCE update, HTML Purifier settings, comment permissions, EditArea rendering 11685
XML_import_export 2011-01-25 [m0nty_] adding xml import/export handler 10978
Yubikey_2Tier_Authentication 2011-05-06 [m0nty_] 11224
zarilia_(for_merging) 2008-03-27 [mekdrop] zarilia for merging with impress (temp. branch); more info -> 1362
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