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Name Date Commit message Revision
autotasks 2011-01-01 [skenow] Using ICMS_CACHE_PATH instead of ICMS_ROOT_PATH . "/cache" - this is so we can easily relocate the cache path (as was intended) 10944
csstidy 2010-11-07 [blauer-fisch] All missed index.html added for more security, especially for third party librarys and our core. 10753
preloads 2011-09-22 [phoenyx] removing deprecated functions from Textsanitizer.php and Tpl.php 11387
rating 2010-03-27 [skenow] Moving tasks/impresscms_1.3_optimization to the trunk - all excess whitespace has been removed, indentation is with tabs, techniques explained in 'Make It Faster' blog posts have been applied AND ImpressCMS will now install and run in PHP5.3. All fixes through 1.2.1 final are also applied and any changes in the trunk were merged. 9920
sourceeditors 2012-04-09 [skenow] Merging from 1.3 branch through revision 11681 - TinyMCE update, HTML Purifier settings, comment permissions, EditArea rendering 11685
textsanitizer 2011-06-25 [blauer-fisch] some bugfixes from ticket #16 11289
waiting 2012-01-22 [fiammy] Move waiting plugin extensions to extras/plugins/waiting. See #503 11533
index.html 2009-01-22 [pesianstranger] Added FCKEditor, 7966
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