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Name Date Commit message Revision
adsense.php 2011-08-10 [skenow] This addresses #767 - adsense tags will now work in custom blocks and other textareas that are displayed using icms_core_Textsanitizer::displayTarea. They will not work in custom blocks that are type 'HTML', because that content is not passed through displayTarea. This is also the reason customtags do not work in a custom block of type 'HTML' 11316
autologin.php 2011-09-22 [phoenyx] removing deprecated functions from Textsanitizer.php and Tpl.php 11387
autotasks.php 2010-07-13 [skenow] Replacing messaging functions with a static class. refs #202 10362
bootstrap.php 2010-12-12 [phoenyx] Some updates for Adsense: 10874
customtag.php 2010-12-19 [phoenyx] - improvements for customtags: 10897
debug_mode.php 2010-11-16 [arcandier] Refactoring most of the bootstrap / common.php, and adding working PDO-based icms_db_Connection 10768
index.html 2009-01-22 [pesianstranger] Added FCKEditor, 7966
multilanguage.php 2011-04-20 [skenow] Fix for #704 - multilanguage tags not being properly identified and displayed. 11194
userinfo.php 2010-11-20 [phoenyx] replacing all occurences of $xoopsUser and $icmsUser including their corresponding globals with icms::$user. removing global declarations for them. 10807
wideimage.php 2010-07-11 [malanciault] Merging /core/tasks/impresscms_1.3_autoload branch back in the trunk, from revision r19448 to r19774 10326
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