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Name Date Commit message Revision
144674_new_installer 2007-12-20 [malanciault] Improvments in the upgrade script 232
145030-new_password_encryption 2008-04-19 [m0nty_] updated with latest trunk again. yawn 1678
145069-html_sanitizing_using_html_purifier 2008-02-28 [m0nty_] beginning to create the filter for sanitizing functions & configuration so icms textsanitizer etc can hook into purifier for different configurations. 1026
145088_content_manager 2008-04-19 [real_therplima] updating branch with the lastest changes in the trunk 1710
145283-registration_by_invitation_20080118 2008-01-19 [sudhaker] new feature "registration by invitation" 607
145603-wysiwyg_editors 2008-04-10 [wtravel] Removing current tinyMce editor in preparation to upgrade. 1517
145604-captcha 2008-01-20 [real_therplima] Starting a new branch for task #145604. 650
145609-file_structure_reorganization 2008-01-21 [young-pee] Updated the changelog 664
145648-faster-formdhtmltextarea 2008-02-02 [sudhaker] Made the changes; tested well in IE6 and FF2 790
145689-third_party_libraries_integration 2008-02-15 [malanciault] code format 897
145733-group_rights_for_debug_mode 2008-01-27 [young-pee] The Webmaster Group will be allways allowed to use the Debug mode. 740
145806-merge_smartx 2008-01-31 [fx2024] Some test and corrections on first import from smartx 768
145852-merge_xtxm 2008-01-31 [real_therplima] fix some typos 771
146070-version_checker 2008-02-06 [young-pee] Initialization of Version Checker Task Branch 803
146264-image_manager 2008-02-29 [real_therplima] Just some cosmetics changes 1032
146266-openid 2008-04-02 [malanciault] cosmetic update 1410
146728-Module_Administration_Improved 2008-02-27 [young-pee] Develop a improved module administration, adding templates, and making posible to improve it to a full addons administration. 1015
147019-db-optimization 2008-04-20 [skenow] Updating branch with changes from the trunk, again 1740
147686-improve_db_pdo 2008-04-11 [claudiaphp] Para testar as funções do driver pdo. 1532
147796-admin_themeable 2008-04-16 [real_therplima] including block support in the admin side 1636
1848833-Search_improvements 2008-04-16 [andrewvincent] search improvements branch based upon work by rlankford 1626
1907609-RSS Class 2008-03-05 [andrewvincent] RSS feed class for ImpressCMS (Nachenko) 1153
1941336 extended date&calendar function 2008-04-16 [pesian_stranger] The "#" is not needed and makes a difference with the other branches, difference that users might confuse people. 1642
1941523-animated_control_panel_using_jquery 2008-04-13 [nachenko] Initial version of animated control panel using jQuer. Alpha release. 1572
1944234_moving_towards_using_utf-8 2008-04-20 [pesian_stranger] language change log updated. 1738
dev_towards_1.1 2008-04-16 [malanciault] Missing dbversion in install script. This was already added in the trunk. 1644
impresscms_1.0 2008-03-25 [malanciault] Reverting changes from revision 1306. These changes should have been committed in the dev_towards_1.1 branch and not in the impresscms_1.0 branch which should not be used anymore 1332
new_branch_location 2008-04-12 [malanciault] 1549
testing_branch_creation2 2008-04-12 [malanciault] Creation of a new branch for testing purposes 1550
zarilia_(for_merging) 2008-03-27 [mekdrop] zarilia for merging with impress (temp. branch); more info -> 1362
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