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Name Date Commit message Revision
docs 2008-07-26 [m0nty_] forgot language define for invalid admin function (part of Martijns fix for vulnerability) 3797
extras 2008-07-25 [pesian_stranger] updated mainfile template for upgraders! 3782
htdocs 2008-07-26 [m0nty_] fix typo in error 500, errpr.php should be error.php (thanks to wizanda for reporting) 3802
upgrade 2008-07-25 [pesian_stranger] updated mainfile template for upgraders! 3783
upgrade_working_dir 2008-07-09 [malanciault] Updating upgrade script and db_changelog with what has been added in so far 3569
release_notes.txt 2008-07-02 [malanciault] Preparing alpha 2 release 3409
XOOPS_copyrights.txt 2008-04-19 [malanciault] Editing the second @author tag to add "modified by" so it is clear the original file came from XOOPS and then "modifications" were don to it 1685
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