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Name Date Commit message Revision
login.php 2010-07-14 [skenow] Replacing messaging functions with a static class. refs #202 10362
readme.txt 2009-01-07 [pesian_stranger] reverted the old 1.1.2 back! 7865
* SSL Login
* @copyright The ImpressCMS Project
* @license GNU General Public License (GPL)
* @package		core
* @since		1.0
* @author The ImpressCMS Project
* @version		$Id: readme.txt 429 2008-01-02 22:21:41Z malanciault $

What is this ?

login.php is a script that displays a login screen in a popupbox when SSL is enabled in the preferences.

You should use this script only when your server supports SSL.


Copy the file extra/ssl/login.php un the root of your site.

The ImpressCMS Project
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