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Name Date Commit message Revision
contrib 2011-10-11 [Xander Jansen] re #570 themefilesender: force input,textarea to default width (auto) 948
documentation 2012-10-24 [wendy_mason] End user documentation for 1.5-RC1. Changes from 1.1 version are: 1957
filesender 2014-04-22 [Xander Jansen] Qtest 1.6: test #981 Add Finnish translation contributed by Tomi Salmi of CSC/Funet 2758
filesender_builder 2011-11-27 [Xander Jansen] Need new keyboard? 1050
simplesamlphp 2012-02-08 [Xander Jansen] SSP: delayed commit for 1.8.2 security fix (jan 11th) 1200
workflowtests 2013-12-18 [wendy_mason] Corrections to email signature verification 2668
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